How Can You Get Employees to Take Care of Your Fleet?


Your fleet is one of your most important company assets – without it you will not be able to supply your customers and this can have a serious impact on your bottom line. Vehicles are also expensive, and you want them taken care of so that they can last a long time. Unfortunately, not all employees are of the same view – you may have some who are extremely conscientious about how they take care of the vehicles that are assigned to them, but in most cases drivers don’t really care; they are careless with their vehicles and leave it to the company to take care of damages and repairs. How can you make sure that your drivers are more careful?

  • Make sure that you employ mature, experienced drivers

Experience and maturity matter when it comes to driving company vehicles – if you employ very young people who don’t have much to lose, and who are inexperienced on the road you can expect to have many problems. You should find out how long any prospective driver has been employed in the same capacity and what kind of track record they have. If you must employ young people they shouldn’t be used for long haul driving.

  • Service all your vehicles on time

Your drivers follow the example that the company sets for them. If they notice that you aren’t very keen on maintaining an excellent fleet they will hardly be motivated to take care of their vehicles. You should make sure that every vehicle is properly serviced on schedule and that all problems are addressed as they occur.

  • Take care of your drivers and they will take care of your vehicles

If an employee feels that the company that they work for cares about them they will feel more inclined to take care of company assets such as vehicles. Don’t overwork your drivers – they should get breaks after a set number of hours, they should have workman’s compensation and they should be able to come to you when they have a problem.

  • Punish bad behavior

It is wishful thinking to assume that if you give people what they want they will toe the line. You should make it very clear that bad behavior will be punished. If, for instance, a driver over-speeds there should be consequences that deter other drives from doing the same. If you have problems with a driver more than a couple of times it is best to get rid of them – they are an accident waiting to happen.

A good fleet management app will help you collect relevant data that will help determine how well your fleet is managed and whether there are any changes that need to be made. Make a list of what you would need such an app to do – gather data on distance travelled, driver location at all times, maintenance logs and so on – and then find an app that can gather and interpret all this information for better fleet management.